Sustainable Leadership for Nordic Healthcare 5 ects

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Date: 01.09.2022 - 31.12.2025
: Free of charge
: 31.12.2025
: English
: Maria Forss

In this non-stop 100% online Master course we will dive into leadership within healthcare, especially within the Nordic scene. This course prepares you for leadership in the healthcare sector and helps you to reflect upon changes in personal leadership behaviour, as evidenced by expanded self-knowledge, team-behaviour, cultural awareness, and systems thinking. Further in this course you will be focusing on how to grow your own creative and critical thinking skills required of successful leadership and effecting organizational change.

This is a course for master student and learning will be equivalent with EQF 7 level. Hence there is a recommendation for a BA exam prior to this this course. This is still a recommendation and not a requirement.

About the course

This course is a way of providing yourself with opportunity to grow and reflect on different leadership dilemmas. Adding research and additional reflections into everyday challenges is always welcome and taking this course is a brilliant way to familiarize yourself with master studies without committing to a whole program.

The course suits you especially well if:

·         You have an interest in Nordic leadership

·         You are curious about the Nordic Healthcare sector

·         You want to learn from different Nordic settings

·         You are taking or thinking about taking a master's degree

Completely online

This a non-stop online course that you are able to complete in your own pace. You can aim for 3 ECTS including minor reflective assignments or you can complete the whole 5 ECTS including an online exam. The exam is offered to all students that takes this course. You will be able to chat with the teacher regular asking for guidance if you should need that.

This course is designed from with a learning centric perspective. You proceed in your own phase sensitive to your own life situation. Here you as a learner will be in the centre with a possibility to connect with other participants with similar interest as you (not mandatory) Curious about the Nordic leadership for the healthcare sector? Then this course is for you!

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