Swedish for Beginners 1 5 ECTS

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Date: 29.08.2022 - 21.10.2022
: 75 € ( VAT 0 %)
: 22.08.2022
: English
: Helsinki
: Magdalena Sandell

Swedish for Beginners 1 



Competency aims


·       You can manage simple everyday life situations both orally and in text in Swedish

·       You can introduce yourself and others and explain things about your family, where you live, what you are doing and what you like.

·       You can understand short texts and write simple messages.

·       You can form short sentences and questions both orally and in writing.

·       You understand speech relating to everyday themes when the person speaks slowly and clearly.

Learning a beginner's language is easier when you take part teaching sessions and get to practice and speak the language. Attendance is mandatory, on campus and/or or online learning.


Learning outcomes


You learn pronunciation, basic vocabulary for everyday situation and simple grammar
· Verbs in infinitive, present tense and imperative
· Nouns in singular
· Numbers, dates and time
· Vocabulary: events during a day, family life, food, work and hobbies
· You have an insight in the Swedish language as a joining factor in the Nordic countries


Course contents


Basic structures of the language, pronunciation
and vocabulary.
Texts and dialogues
Culture and the Nordic countries


Prerequisites and co-requisites


This is a beginner's course in Swedish. No previous knowledge is required. The level of the course is CEFR A1.1.


Previous course names




Additional information


Attendance in classes is compulsory.


Recommended or required reading


The teacher shares course material in Itslearning.

We recommend the students to get this book:
Vi ses! Svenska för nybörjare.
By: Keränen, Lindroos & Peltola 2018, Otava.

The book includes dialogues and exercises and is also used in the following Swedish course at Arcada.


Study activities


Lectures 32 h
Individual- and group instruction 5 h
Practical exercises 20 h
Small-group work 20 h
Individual studies 58 h


Work loads


Total work load of the study unit: 135 h


Mode of Delivery


Supported virtual education


Teaching language




Assessment methods


Exams (written-, oral-, home-), 19.10.2022


Assessment requirements


Attendance is mandatory (at least 75% in order to
attend the exams), because we practice
pronunciation, interaction and your spoken skills
during the lectures.
To pass the course the student should pass the
following examinations:
Written examination 1 (50 %)
Spoken test (25 %)
Activity during the course, assignments (25 %)

Presence is compulsory.




Huldén Barbara
Sandell Magdalena




Sandell Magdalena


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