Swedish for Beginners 3 SP-4-017 (0)

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Date: 02.09.2022 - 21.10.2022
: 75 € ( VAT 0 %)
: 26.08.2022
: English
: Barbara Huldén
Target groups : The course is open for anyone who is interested in the Swedish language that has the starting level CEFR A2.1. This course is the third step to learning a new language.

Swedish for Beginners 3 

SP-4-017 (0)


Competencies in focus


You can participate in discussions about topics
that concern yourself, your everyday life and your
You can talk about work, career choices,
purchasing and cooking.
You can express yourself about health and well-
You can understand and read simple texts about
current events.
You can understand slowly spoken Swedish with
clear pronunciation.


Learning outcomes


You are aware of the basic grammar in Swedish.
You have expanded your vocabulary and can easily
talk about yourself and everyday life.
You build on previous knowledge.
You have knowledge of Swedish grammar. New in this
course are conjunctions, nouns plural in definite
form, perfect, reflexive verbs, adjective
comparison and indefinite pronouns.


Course contents


Spoken and written exercises, games, dialogues,
listening comprehensions, reading comprehensions


Prerequisites and co-requisites


You can take this course after Swedish for
Beginners 2 or an equivalent course. The starting
level is CEFR A2.1.


Previous course names




Additional information


In order to be able to learn a new language, you
need to work consciously with your learning.


Recommended or required reading


Vi ses! Svenska för nybörjare.
Keränen, Marit - Lindroos, Camilla - Peltola, Katja
Teacher's own material.


Study activities


Lectures 10 h
Individual- and group instruction 15 h
Practical exercises 27 h
Small-group work 10 h
Individual studies 73 h
In order to be able
to learn a new
language, you need
to work consciously
with your


Work loads


Total work load of the study unit: 135 h


Mode of Delivery


Participation in tuition


Teaching language




Assessment methods


Exams (written-, oral-, home-), 10.10.2022
Essays, reports, productions and portfolio (Date will be announced later)


Assessment requirements


To pass the course the student should pass the
following examinations:
Examination 1 Written exam
Examination 2 Oral exam
Examination 3 Obligatory assignments

The examinations contribute to the final grade as
follows: Written exam: 60 %
Oral exam : 20 %
Assignments: 10 %
Attendance : 10 %
In order to be able to learn a new language, you
need to work consciously with your learning.




Huldén Barbara




Huldén Barbara


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Group size


30 persons



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