Artifical Intelligence course 5 credits

Open studies

Date: 11.04.2023 - 05.05.2023
: 75 € ( VAT 0 %)
: 03.04.2023
: English
: Helsinki
: Henrik Nyman

Data-driven decision making can add significant value to all aspects of business operations. In the AI course, students will gain a practical understanding of how to build AI solutions in the following steps:

1. Understanding data needs

2. Data gathering

3. Data preparing and structuring

4. Modelling

5. Visualization

6. Evaluation

7. Deployment The students will learn to describe data relationships, manage data collection, calculate basic statistics, and present results to discover hidden patterns, correlations, and other insights.

The students will work in different projects using tools from Microsoft such as PowerBI, Microsoft Azure, Power Automate, among others. No coding skills are required.

The lectures are given both online and on campus (attendance on campus required).  All lectures are given weekdays from 16:30 onwards and weekends on Saturdays (9:30 - 16). The assignments consist of both individual assignments and group assignments.

April 11-14; May 2-5

The AI course gives practical insight to data-driven decision making, suitable for anyone interested in the topic. 

The AI course is intended for both specialists and managers who wish to better understand how AI can support their business.

The AI course is unique in that it provides a practical insight to how machine learning and AI works, rather than only reviewing it on a theoretical level. At the same time, students are NOT required to learn coding in, e.g., Python to build AI models

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