Healthcare Leadership 10 Ects

Open studies

Date: 31.10.2023 - 12.12.2023
: 150 € (0 % VAT)
: 16.10.2023
: English
: Helsinki
: Maria Forss
Required skills : A bachelor degree and at least two years work experience gained after completing the higher education degree

In this study unit the focus will be for you
to build the following competencies:

Leadership competence
Sustainable ethical and technological competence
Collective sensemaking competence
These competencies support the following
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG);
3,4,5,8,9,10,12 and 16.

After successful completion of this study unit
you are able to:

- report for your critical awareness of
knowledge issues in healthcare leadership and in
the interface between different fields in the
Nordic healthcare sector (Knowledge)
- explain different leadership theories and can
discuss and evaluate them from a critical and
reflective scientific manner as the basis for
original thinking. (Knowledge)
- identify trends and select suitable data in
order to enhance interprofessional teamwork
and development. (Knowledge)
- interpret your skills and techniques for
leadership that will help you tackle today's
complex challenges by navigating ambiguity,
collaborating across diversity, and maintaining
momentum with optimism and evidence. (Skill)
- express specialized knowledge in the
healthcare leadership field that foster your
original thinking. (Skill)
- explain your self-reflective understanding
and your behavior in order to build, guide and
empowering teams for further Nordic healthcare
sector. (Attitude)
- discuss your personal and authentic leadership
style that enhances collaboration and
communications in complex healthcare settings.
- critically acknowledge and appraise your own
development challenges. (Attitude)


Course contents


This learning module helps student to reflect
upon changes in personal leadership behavior, as
evidenced by expanded self-knowledge, team-
behavior, cultural awareness, and systems
thinking. Further in this module we are
focusing on how to grow owns own creative and
critical thinking skills required of successful
leadership and effecting organizational change.
Following content can be found in this module:
Personal Leadership, valuebased leadership,
commiunication, team leadership, power,
organisational culture.

Healthcare Leadership, P2, 10 ECTS 


 31.10.2023, 15-17, Healthcare Leadership 

 7.11.2023, 15-17, Healthcare Leadership 

 14.11.2023, 15-17, Healthcare Leadership 

 21.11.2023, 15-17, Healthcare Leadership 

 28.11.2022, 15-17 Healthcare Leadership 

 12.12.2023, 15-18, Healthcare Leadership closing seminar 





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