Individual Open Studies

Individual Open Studies will give you an opportunity to expand your knowledge in subjects you have a strong interest in. If you want to brush up your knowledge, learn a new subject, language or just feel like trying out an education at University of Applied Sciences, Individual Open Studies courses might be just the opportunity for you.

It is possible to study while working. The education takes place in daytime as well as in the evenings in form of lectures, exercises, project work, literature studies, distance learning and exams.

Please note that Individual Open Studies is first and foremost aimed at you who are interested in a selected number of courses. If your goal in the future is to become a degree student at Arcada you should instead take a closer look at Open Path Studies. You can for example not partake in practical training or do your thesis within the scope of Individual Open Studies courses, which means that it is not possible to complete an entire ‎degree.

A wide selection of courses
You can choose from all the standard courses offered at Arcada. Detailed information of the courses such as timetable, location, syllabuses, prerequisites, learning outcomes, credits, didactic solutions and literature can be found in Arcada’s Study Guide at There you will also find the registration periods for the courses of the academic year 2017–2018.

It is your own responsibility to create your own schedule, according to the courses’ time tables and requirements. 

You apply to single courses by sending a preliminary registration e-mail to open(at) This can also be done over the phone. 

After the preliminary registration you will receive a registration form. Write the names of the courses you are interested in and sign the form, before returning it to the personnel in charge of Open Studies. They will then register you for the courses. 

Please observe that after returning the registration form the registration is binding! Applicants are accepted in order of registration. 


Other information:

After passing a course a certificate is always granted for free in the same language as the course was conducted in provided that you have been paying the fees. Certificates are issued in June.

Individual Open Studies Students pay a tuition fee of €15 per credit, i.e. the total fee depends on the total number of credits of the study unit. The tuition fee includes registration, education and examination. In some courses, other course-specific costs for materials, supplies and excursions can be collected.

Late registrations
Once the courses have started, late registrations can be accepted when possible. 

If you cancel your registration later than one week before the course starts you are obliged to pay 50 percent of the fee. The cancellation should be made in writing to open(at) If no written cancellation is received, the full participation fee is charged.

As an Open student you must fulfill the same prerequisites for participation in a specific course as ordinary degree students. The examiner of the course decides if an Open Student can participate or not. The teacher/examiner has the right to test the prerequisites and language skills of an Open student. If they are not sufficient, participation can be denied.

If the course is full
If the course is fully booked you might not be able to participate.

Already a degree student?
Please note that if you are a degree student at Arcada you cannot simultaneously be registered as an Open Studies student at Arcada.

Arcada´s library (Block C2, second floor) is available for all students participating in Open Studies.

Students who consider their study results incorrectly assessed may appeal for rectification of the results through the Open Studies office at Arcada.

Questions regarding the application procedures can be addressed to open(at) or stig.blomqvist(at), Tel: 020 7699 501 and marika.blomster(at), Tel: 020 7699 505.