Arcada Continuing Education

As the labour market keeps evolving, the demand for essential skills keeps growing. Continuous learning is the key to keep your professional skills up to date. This is where we step in. Our aim at Arcada Continuing Education is to make sure it feels rewarding to develop and expand your professional skills. We provide further education in technology, culture, media, business and social and health care.

Current courses:

IT, Communication and Technology
Education Start Study language
Compassion at Work 16.09.2022 English
Virtual Event Management - E-learning course for cultural manager professionals and students 5 ECTS 21.10.2022 English
Digital Content Creation 30 credits 23.01.2023 English
Game Design and Production 10 cr 24.01.2023 English
Health- and Social Sector
Education Start Study language
Anatomins och fysiologins grunder 01.07.2022 Swedish
Nursing Climate Challenge 15.08.2022 English
Sustainable Leadership for Nordic Healthcare 5 ects 01.09.2022 English
Kids Save Lives - Peruskouluopettajien koulutuspäivä (4h) 25.01.2023 Finnish
Arbetshandledarutbildning 70 sp 27.01.2023 Swedish
EuSim simulaatio-ohjaajan peruskurssi (February 2023) 15.02.2023 Finnish
Introduktion till vårdyrket och högskolestudier 12 sp 06.03.2023 Swedish
Kids Save Lives - Peruskouluopettajien koulutuspäivä (4h) 07.03.2023 Finnish
IBD-potilaan hoitotyön täydennyskoulutus 30 op 21.03.2023 Finnish
EuSim simulaatio-ohjaajan peruskurssi (March 2023) 29.03.2023 Finnish
Reumasairauksien Täydennyskoulutus 15 op 04.04.2023 Finnish
Kids Save Lives - Peruskouluopettajien koulutuspäivä (4h) 26.04.2023 Finnish
PTT - Roolitettu traumapotilaan ensihoito 03.05.2023 Finnish
Business and Administration
Education Start Study language
FinTech 10 credits 12.01.2023 English
Business Development in the Nordics 15 credits 19.01.2023 English
Artifical Intelligence course 5 credits 11.04.2023 English
Education Start Study language
Distribution Channels 17.01.2023 English
Destination Management 19.01.2023 English
Arcada Summer School
Education Start Study language
eHealth - an introduction 1 credit 07.01.2021 English
Wearable technology 1 credit 07.01.2021 English
Kroppsnära elektronik 1 sp 07.01.2021 Swedish