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The importance of adult education and further education for people in working life is constantly growing as a result of the fast changes, which occur in society and in global trade. Globalisation has resulted in an increased internationalisation of Finnish work life, which also requires better knowledge and higher qualifications of the work force in Finland in order to be competetitive in the tough international competition.

Arcada Further Education is responsible for the further education programmes and courses at Arcada.

Arcada Further Education helps to fulfil Arcada’ s general objectives by offering customised personal development services for business and public sector personnel.

Current courses :

IT, Communication and Technology
Education Start Study language
Introkurs i matematik 15.05.2017 Swedish
Digitaalinen muotoilu, 30 op 04.09.2017 Finnish
Health- and Social Sector
Education Start Study language
EuSim Course Director Course 28.03.2017 English
EuSim simulaatio-ohjaajan peruskurssi 05.04.2017 Finnish
Introkurs i anatomi och fysiologi 09.05.2017 Swedish
Aikuisten kuntoutettavan käden haasteet 15 op 11.05.2017 Finnish
Kohtaaminen kohtaamatta - Puhelimessa tapahtuva hoidontarpeen arviointi 17.05.2017 Finnish
Hälsofrämjande ledarskap för dagvårdspersonal 24.08.2017 Swedish
EuSim simulaatio-ohjaajan peruskurssi 13.09.2017 Finnish
Hoitotason ensihoito 30 op - Syksy 2017 18.09.2017 Finnish
EuSim Instuctor Course Level 2 15.11.2017 Finnish
Business and Administration
Education Start Study language
APV1 Sijoitusneuvonta-verkkokoulutus 03.04.2017 Finnish
Education Start Study language
Serveringspasset (Alkoholpasset) 01.01.2017 Swedish
Hygiene passport 01.01.2017 Swedish
Arcada Summer School
Education Start Study language
eHealth-an introduction to digital health, 5 ects 25.04.2017 English
Universal design, 10 sp 27.04.2017 Swedish
IDA-ICE sommarkurs, 5 sp 02.05.2017 Swedish
Basic sexology, 5 ects 02.05.2017 English
Communicative Finnish for business, 5 ects 02.05.2017 Finnish
Corporate banking, 5 ects 02.05.2017 English
The banking industry, 5 ects 02.05.2017 English
Personal leadership, 5 ects 02.05.2017 English
Communicative Finnish for health care field, 5 ects 02.05.2017 Finnish
Product design, 5 ects 02.05.2017 English
Ljuddramaturgi och ljudplanering, 5 sp 02.05.2017 Swedish
Sommarkurs i svenska, 5 sp 02.05.2017 Swedish
Introduction to the tourism industry in Finland, 5 ects 15.05.2017 English
CILECT Film prize filmanalys, 5 sp 15.05.2017 Swedish
Research methodology, 5 ects 15.05.2017 English
Storyteeling & experience design, 5 ects 29.05.2017 English
Audioberättande, 5 sp 29.05.2017 Swedish
Transformative teamwork, 10 ects 05.06.2017 English
eHealth-from idea to implementation, 5 ects 05.06.2017 English
Personal and private banking, 5 ects 01.08.2017 English
Specialisation Studies
Education Start Study language
Big Data Analytics, 30 ects 06.04.2017 English