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Date: 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2020
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: 01.12.2020
: Swedish
: Helsingfors
: Monica Lindström

Hygiene passport

Food hygiene proficiency is regulated by the food hygiene regulation (852/2004/EU), and the Food Act (23/2006, amendment 1137/2008). Operators in the food business are required to ensure at their own expense that employees handling food are given training and instructions relevant to their work tasks.

Employees must have a hygiene passport if they in their work handle unpackaged easily perishable foods. Such foods are, for example, milk, meat and fish.

Cafeterias, restaurants, institutional kitchens, various kiosks, fast-food restaurants, food stores, for example, and also many factories manufacturing foods are work places were the employees are required to have a hygiene passport.

It is required that one within three months of commencing work must acquire a hygiene passport.  These three months retroactively are calculated also to include such prior work in the food business where hygiene passport is required.

Approved forms of identification

You are required to identify yourself when taking a hygiene proficiency test. Approved ways include:
An identification with a picture approved by an official (police) including an official identification card, passport and driver's licence (a moped licence is also acceptable)
An alien's passport and a refugee travel document
A stamped document, given by the police or Finnish Border Guard, which proves your passport is in the possession of an official. The document must include a copy of the passport.

General information about the hygiene proficiency test

Hygiene proficiency test includes 40 true/false statements. To complete the test successfully participants must score at least 34/40. The statements involve various sections of food hygiene. The person being tested marks an X in a box either for "true" or "false", depending on whether the person’s opinion agrees with that of the statement or not. There are both positive statements (of the type "one thing affects something") and negative statements of the type "one thing does not affect something”). Time allocated for answering is 45 minutes for normal test (Finnish & Swedish) and there is no time limit for special situation tests (eg. English, other translated languages.) One may leave the testing premises 20 minutes after the test started, as soon as the Examiner gives a permission to leave.

When the test is finished, the proficiency examiner collects the forms for checking and archiving, and goes through the right answers.

After the hygiene proficiency test

Printing and processing takes some time, the Hygiene Proficiency Certificate (Hygiene Passport) will be posted to those who pass the test generally within 2-4 weeks of the test date.

Get ready for a hygiene proficiency test

Well prepared is half done!

It's recommend to study well all seven different subfields of food hygiene prior to the test. In case food industry is new to you it is highly recommended to familiarize yourself to the vocabulary and terminology in advance as well.

Useful self-study material is easily available in a online store. Basics of Food Hygiene booklet is available for example in Swedish, English, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Estonian.


Links to online study material

Hygiene Proficiency (Evira)

Hygieniaosaaminen selkokielellä, Hygiene vocabulary in different languages (Opetushallitus)
Model questions

Model questions (Evira)

Model questions and answers (Evira)


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We arrange tests in English by request. More information:

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