Critical Media Analysis

Open studies

Date: 07.09.2023 - 16.11.2023
: 150 € (0 % VAT) 10 credits 15 € / 1 credit (0 % VAT)
: 27.08.2023
: English
: Helsinki
: Matteo Stocchetti

Learning outcomes

Knowledge - Greater control of knowledges relating to the interpretation and production of texts in the domain of artistic and critical communication. Introduction to the main interpretative theories. The nature and roles of conventions in artistic expression. The theory and practices of artistic research. Traditional and critical theories of meaning in the arts and humanities.


Skills - Participants to this course are supposed to possess minimum levels of technical skills in their professional domain. The skills developed in this course are those associated to its competences and relates primarily to the effective creation, organization and use of meanings associated to the large variety of artistic and critical communication.


Attitudes - The pedagogy of Bildung used in this course, will challenge its participant to look at the social production of meaning from the standpoint of critical constructionism and the idea that ‘meaning is the eye of the beholder’. Through this attitude, participants will acquire greater (more independent) control on the production of meaning through the mediation of art and technology; more critical attitudes towards the cultural industry (the commercial production of meaning through the commodification of cultural); greater capacity and inclination to exploit the subversive potential of art and artistic work based on a deeper understanding of societal needs and repressed desires in this domain.

·       Teaching methods – Lectures 30%, individual work 30&, project work 40&

·       The work load for the whole of the course on10 credits is about 266 which divided by 10 weeks makes an average of 26,6 hrs per week.

·       Evenings of week days from 15:00 to 18:00

·       Preferably on campus. Lecture will not be recorded

·       Course examination for the full course (10 credits) consist of an essay on production. Examination for each unit (1 credit) consist of a test


Target Groups

  • Artists, cultural activists and producers at early stage of their careers
  • Early education professionals
  • Independent filmmakers
  • Scriptwriters
  • Cultural critics

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