Nordic healthcare in transition and methodology 15 ects

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Date: 05.09.2023 - 25.10.2023
: 225 € (0 % VAT)
: 25.08.2023
: English
: Helsinki
: Jonas Tana
Required skills : A bachelor degree and at least two years work experience gained after completing the higher education degree

The aim of the course is that the student is
able to:
Recognize current and historic trends and
events that influence Nordic healthcare.
Be familiarized with evidence-based management
and discusses the transition from theory to
practice in Nordic healthcare settings
Identify and illuminate different touch points
that influence decision making and routines in
Take responsibility for communicating these
issues on a societal level (Skill)
Collaborate with different kinds of people in
the study and work community and in other
groups and networks, taking into account
community and ethical aspects (Attitude)

These competencies support the following
Development Goals (SDG); 3,4,5,8,9,10,12 and 16.

At the end of the course the student is
expected to:
1.Demonstrate and discuss different Nordic
healthcare solutions and is able to evaluate
their pros and cons
2.Describe the transition from theory to
practice in Nordic healthcare
3.Show understanding of the Nordic welfare
model and the coordination of healthcare in the
Nordic countries
4.Communicate healthcare solutions for a broad
5. Discuss with 2-3 different stakeholders in
Nordic countries regarding the development of
country-specific healthcare pathways




This learning module introduces you to Nordic
sustainable healthcare and why it is considered
to be top class. Together we will examine best
practice examples, ideas and solutions that can
be implemented anywhere. The way Nordic
healthcare operates is an expression of the
Nordic way of life; our culture, our politics
and our legislation. Hence, a Nordic culture
module will be included in this learning


Note that the Leadership for Nordic Healthcare

programme is entirely online, and therefore this
course will consist of online activities only.
The course requires active commitment each week,
as peer-learning and self-driven learning

activities are the foundation for deep learning




Nordic Healthcare in transition & Research Methodology, 15 ECTS 


5.9.2023, 15-17, LNH - Kick off meeting / Introduction

12.9.2023, 15-17, Sustainable Healthcare - module kick-off

19.9.2023, 15-17, Nordic Healthcare in transition – Academic writing 

26.9.2023, 15-17, Nordic Healthcare in transition

3.10.2023, 15-17 Research Methodology – Information seeking with the library

10.10.2023, 15-17, Nordic Healthcare in transition

17.10.2022, 15-17, Research Methodology

24.10.2023, 15-17, Sustainable Healthcare module - closing seminar

25.10.2023, 15-17, Sustainable Healthcare module - closing seminar

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