Open path studies 

-  I don’t have a twelth grade certificate, is it possible for me to study as an open
   path student?

Yes, it is possible you don’t need a twelth grade certificate to start your studies as an open path student.

-  What is the annual fee for the studies?

The fee for one semester is 200 € that is 400 € for the academic year. Arcada will invoice you twice one instalment to be paid in January and one instalment to be paid in September.

 - When and how can I register to a course?

During the introduction days 23-25.8.2017 you will get information on how and when you can enroll to a course.

- I am unemployed for the time being can I study int the Open path studies?

Before you start your studies you should contact your local TE services office to discuss this issue as otherwise there is a risk that you will lose your unemployment compensation.

 - Am I entitled to get study allowances an Open path student?

 No as the Open path studies are not regarded as full time studies. You are also not entitled to get discount on bus– or train tickets.

 - The students' union?

As an open path student it is possible to join the Students’ union in Arcada (Asken). As a member in the student union you will be entitled to buy Asken’s membership products and to get a discount for the lunch in Amica’s restaurant. Additional information concerning the benefits you will get during the introduction days 23-25.8.2017.

- Can I get my previous studies accredited?

If you have completed a course or study programme at a Finnish or foreign university or university college, you may be able to transfer these credits to a course or study programme  after you have been accepted as a graduate student. It may also be possible to have your relevant professional experiences accredited.

- How do I get access to Arcada’s electronic tools and flex-key?

You will get your user account during the introduction days in August 2017.You will get your flex key after you presented a receipt that you paid the key deposit

When and how can I get a transcript of records?

You can order a transcript of records electronically.

How long can I study as an Open path student?

There is no limitations on the right to study as an open path student but it is recommended to accomplish 60 credits (in the same program) in one year in order to be accepted as a graduate student and thus be entitled to social benefits for studies.

Can I get a residence permit as an Open path student ?

No you cannot. International students who need a visa or residence permit to stay in Finland should be aware of that participating in Open Studies will not entitle a foreign citizen to get an entry visa or residence permit. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service