Open Path Studies at a bachelor’s level

Open Path Studies will give you a unique opportunity to try out how studying at a higher education level feels like. The Open Path is an opportunity designed for you who in the future are aiming at graduating from one of Arcada’s degree programmes.  

Open Path Students follow the curriculum stipulated for a degree programme. You study alongside with the degree students and participate in the regular education provided by Arcada. The studies will start with Introduction Days 23.8.2018. Study counselling will be given under the same conditions as for the degree students.

If you have completed 40 ECTS , studies agreed upon with your amanuensis , as an Open Path student in the same program at Arcada or at another University of Applied Sciences you can apply for admission to continue your studies as a degree student. In this case all the ECTS credits completed as an Open Path student will be accredited. You do not need to apply through the usual joint application, but will be classified as a degree student provided that you meet the general requirements of the degree programme in question.

To be eligible to begin your studies as an Open Path student in any of Arcada’s bachelor’s degree programmes in English (with the aim to later on transition to becoming a degree student) you need to meet the standard requirements regarding language skills. You need to pass an English exam proving that your language skills are at the required level for studying in a Higher Education Institute. The exam will be held at Arcada 23.5.2018, 9.00 - 11.00 am.

Continuing your studies as a degree student

After completion of 40 ECTS first year studies  you can apply to continue your studies as a degree student. Please note that the programmes within the Health and Social sector at Arcada are implementing aptitude tests when you apply to be admitted as a degree student. This means that when you (after having completed 40 credits as an Open Path student) apply for being accepted as a degree student your aptitude for the degree programme will be evaluated. If you are aiming at the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Nursing you are also required to have skills in either Finnish or Swedish. The minimum requirement is level B1 on the Common European framework for languages.

If you begin your studies during autumn 2018 this means that if you have completed 40 credits (in the same program) by 31 July 2019 (at the latest) you can apply for enrollment as a degree student in autumn of 2019. After being admitted, you will continue your studies as a degree student. You have one Academic Year (2018-2019) time to complete at least 40 credits.

If work placement periods for some reasons cannot be included in your Open Path studies you will be given an opportunity to choose other courses in order to complete a minimum of 40 ECTS (in the same program) during the academic year.

Read more about continuing your studies as a degree student here.

You can make a binding application in order to become an Open Path student during 3.4–11.5.2018 (application closes at noon, 12 p.m.).

NOTE! For Application, you must have permanent residense in Finland.

The application is made through our online application system that is active here at  during the application period.

Choose your field of studies in the menu on the left and find the degree programme you want to attend as an Open Path student. Click on the degree programme and then the blue button “Create application” to open the registration form.  


Other information:

Tuition fees
As an Open Path student you pay a fee of 400 € (invoiced twice; 200 € per semester), which entitles you to study 40 credits or more worth of courses during that academic year. The tuition fee includes registration, education and examination. In some courses, other course-specific costs for materials, supplies and excursions can be collected.

Study social benefits
Open Studies are not classified as full-time studies (they are not leading to a degree), which means that Open Studies students are not entitled to the social benefits of a full-time student.

Visas and residence permits
International students who need a visa or residence permit to stay in Finland should be aware of that participating in Open Studies will not necessarily entitle a foreign citizen to get an entry visa or residence permit. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service

Limited amount of study places
In some degree programmes there are limitations concerning how many students who can be admitted as degree students per year, which means that the enrollment of students will be based on the average score of the courses you passed as an Open Path student at Arcada.

Already a degree student?
Please note that if you are a degree student at Arcada you cannot simultaneously be registered as an Open Studies student at Arcada.

Arcada´s library (Block C2, second floor) is available for all students participating in Open Studies.

Students who consider their study results incorrectly assessed may appeal for rectification of the results through the Open Studies office at Arcada.

Questions regarding the application procedures can be addressed to open(at) or stig.blomqvist(at), Tel: 020 7699 501 and marika.blomster(at), Tel: 020 7699 505.