Open Studies at Arcada

Academic Year 2018–2019

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn something new, to deepen your knowledge, or are you aiming to graduate from a degree programme at Arcada?  If this is the case it’s time to find out more about open studies at Arcada and all the possibilities that they offer.

You can participate in Open Studies at Arcada within all the following degree programmes: Nursing, International Business and Materials Processing Technology.

Open Path Studies or Individual Open Courses

If, you are interested in Open Studies at Arcada there are two alternatives to choose from:

Alternative 1: Open Path Studies will give you a unique opportunity to try out how studying at a higher education level feels like. The Open Path is an opportunity designed for you who in the future are aiming at graduating from one of Arcada’s degree programmes.  

NOTE ! If you are unemployed:

Before you start your studies you should contact your local TE services office to discuss this issue as otherwise there is a risk that you will lose your unemployment compensation.

The next application spring 2019.

Alternative 2: Individual Open Studies will give you an opportunity to expand your knowledge in subjects you have a strong interest in. If you want to brush up your knowledge, learn a new subject, language or feel like trying out education at University of Applied Sciences, Individual Open Studies courses might be just the opportunity for you.



Office and Administration

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Contact persons: 

Stig Blomqvist
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